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Online application Q&A

What are the specific procedures for the global campus recruitment in Dotc United Group2018

Answer: Log on the website to choose the position of intention and submit the resume online, After candidate finished ability assessment and professional examination, we will arrange the interview process. Then according the result of interview, we will provide the offer and follow-up .

Are there any requirements on graduation time for DUG global campus recruitment 2018?

Answer: We welcome all students who have received their graduation certificates in 2018. And we will also accept students who graduated in September 2017 to December 2017 from Overseas institutions.

how many positions can I apply for ?

Answer: Each student can only apply for one position. Students who have already participated in the referral will not need to apply for the application. The internal referral privilege will be kept until the end of the fall! Please attention to select the position. You can get information from the job description. Once your resume is completed and circulated to the job confirmation stage, you will not be able to undo the change. Some posts will be appropriate adjustments according to the interview performance .

The deadline for submitting resume?

Answer: The online application for Technical position (including product and design)will be closed in 23:59 PM on October 21. Please confirm your objective and submit your resume, as soon as possible. In order to ensure that you can successfully receive follow-up email, we suggested to use QQ email fill in resume information as communication mailbox, and add campus@dotcunited.com to your email white list.

About the Written test

How did the written test be arranged of DUG this year? Are there any requirements? When?

Answer: The test of DOTC will be divided into two parts this year :  capability assessment and written test. These two tests will be held in different time. The capability assessment will be arranged according to the time when you upload your resume . the written test will be nationwide exam which will be held in the same time. We will release the exam information by the email in advance after the first selection process of the resumes. Please check your email in time in order not to miss the opportunity of the tests.

Where can we get the qualification for the test?

Answer: We will send the test link, user name and password to you by email . Please check the spam email, advertisement column and so on. we suggested to use QQ email fill in resume information as communication mailbox, and add campus@dotcunited.com to your email white list.

What should I prepared for the test?

Answer: After receiving the invitation email, please login to the system test and complete the test. Make ensure that the network is smooth and the environment is quiet and bright during the evaluation period. please prepare a computer with a camera and install the latest version of Chrome, please close the other browser during the test, the chat window, Windows and anti-virus software, etc.

Is there any computer configuration requirement for the test?

Answer: Please use the latest version of Chrome. Please test the camera in advance. Because the network of campus network is easy to be unstable, it is not recommended used for this test. More higher net speed of the responding environment is better, please ensure the flow rate of at least 100K/S.

What should I do if my computer felled or network blocked during the test ?

Answer: Please read the carefully before the exam. Please turn off the QQ, WeChat, Skype and other instant messaging software before answering the questions. Do not jump out of the exam website. We will give the students some time to familiarize themselves with the test system before the formal examination. Please check the network environment and the camera is work.

About test notice

In the process of the test, if I accidentally quit, can I continue?

Answer: Do not close your browser during the official answer session. If it is interrupted or closed, you can log in again via the link (the answer time will not increase). Please read the carefully before the exam.

How long is the test? What if I have not done?

Answer: Different written test questions have different answer time. The longest is 90 minutes. The system will inform the total answer time before the test begin, please take note. Every time you answer the question, the system will be recorded and saved, Near the end of the exam, the system will have time to hint. Once the answer to the time, the system will automatically submit the answer, so please take the time to answer the question.

I haven't logged in in the stipulated time, can I enter the system again?

Answer: Please login as early as possible. The system will not be allowed to log in after 10 minutes of the stipulated time. In 10 minutes, you can log in and answer questions, but the total answer time will not increase.

Training and Development

how about the training programs and development opportunities after joining Dotc United Group?

Answer: Dotc attaches great importance to this year's training and development, each students will have a mentors and partners at the entry time .And according to the different department and position, we have personalized training programs which can assist graduates as soon as possible into the company and team. In addition, as the core backbones in technical/business team of our talent pool, graduates will be scheduled learning system of corporate culture, business knowledge , different kinds of development and application technology (technology jobs) and so on , for comprehensively deeply familiar with company's business, technology and process management. There are also have a training program provied the extra resources to support the campus employee rapid growth. Meanwhile,in the view of development direction of Integrated personal career, DUG gives experts, management and other development paths for selection.

What are the work time of Dotc employees?

Answer: The standard working hours of Dotc employees are 10:00-19:00. We have a flexible work system, and have an hour lunch break for nine hours per day.

internship and entry

Where is the office of Dotc United Group location in?

Answer: The company's headquarters is in Shanghai. The company also has branches all over the world. They are Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, India, Indonesia and Singapore. The recruitment of this time is mainly focused on Shanghai. However, we will also arrange the overseas posting and rotation job opportunities according to students' characteristics and business needs.

Do I have to work in the company after I get the offer?

Answer: We encourage you to come to the company begin internship as soon as possible, the specific time can be confirmed with the HR. Long-term internship period can be reduced the formal trial period when you sign the contact, and have more time to learn and familiar with the company, faster integration into the team, the early completion of the transition from the students to the workplace.

How can I get the latest information about the campus recruitment of Dotc United Group?

Answer: Please follow our WeChat public account: DUG zhaopin jun, you can get the latest information.

How can I contact you?

Answer: You can leave us a message here or use the Wechat public for messages,